I work with people in mid-life and at other points of crisis and realisation, towards recovery and resilient confidence. Coaching sessions offer a safe place to unravel and reflect, and to review and remap vital ways of being.

As an educator, therapist and creative practitioner, I have observed how creativity, in many and diverse ways, is key to recovery and thriving. Creative ways of doing, sustain us at the core of our being. This sustenance can begin, or can be rekindled, with something as simple as a conversation. 


Creativity engages the conscious self, and allows the unconscious to express. Being more fully connected to who we truly are, through consciousness, the senses and through embodied action, allows greater awareness and inner resources with which to explore solutions.

I offer one-to-one sessions: listening as you speak, and engaging through approaches from coaching, mentoring, counselling and other therapeutic disciplines, as well as from my experience working with people in creative environments.   

Lucy Lepchani - coaching and mentoring
Lucy Lepchani.

Sometimes, the only way forward is to embrace change; to seek and discover belonging in the world on our own terms.

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Sessions are currently available in Plymouth, Exeter, and the Dartmoor area, UK.