Psychosexual Therapy

” The grass is always greener where you water it ” – Neil Barringham



Psychosexual Therapy considers the biological, psychological and cultural situations that affect healthy sexual expression and connection. It is complementary therapy, and is an optional aspect of my work, when it is requested by the client.

It is a ‘talking therapy’ in the same way that coaching and counselling are.  No physical contact occurs during these sessions.

There are many reasons for considering Psychosexual Therapy.  Some are:

  • Menopause and mid-life.
  • The impact of Life’s challenges on sexual confidence, sexual identity and relationships: these in turn impact on all-round quality of life.
  • Sometimes, a single conversation can prompt insight and understanding: this is liberating. For some, ongoing coaching and therapy offers a space for guidance, recovery and renewal.
  • Talking about sexual issues can be difficult – but not-talking can be a path to greater unhappiness. Carrying the unexpressed burden of blame or shame is depleting and destructive.
  • Sometimes the journey forward might mean we continue to work together, or that it is more appropriate to seek a counsellor or specialist therapist: in which case I can make referrals or recommendations according to individual circumstances.

Guaranteed confidentiality regarding all consenting, adult, sexual matters.
This work is available to people of all genders, in any kind of relationship, or those not in a relationship.

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