Groups & Workshops

My role as a coach and mentor came about after years of training/teaching creative and expressive arts, and personal development subjects.

Some people want to learn a skill to practice at their leisure, and for the wonder of learning something new. For others attending the same course or workshop, that skill might offer a potent turning point in life, or provide much needed sustenance during difficult times.

Environmental and social crises are constant considerations in my work, as are the impacts of these on already overburdened lives. In the course content, or in the group and workshop cultures where learning takes place: boundaries, comfort, health and safety, meaning making, sanctuary, skills acquisition, joy, camaraderie and enduring value, are all considerations.

Unfortunately, I have had to cancel courses, workshops and classes that I had planned for 2020, due to COVID-19. I am currently still considering offering limited, online learning.


Rescheduled courses include:

Plant dyes and eco dyeing – with workshops cancelled at Fines Lames et Petites Cuilleres gathering in Brittany; also at the Husbandry School in Devon; and with the Ministry of Making at venues in Cornwall and France.

I’m now looking forward to running these in 2021.

Writing for Radio – in separate courses and workshops Writing Podcasts, Writing Plays, and repeating the popular workshop ‘Scandalous Letters’ for writing plays and stories through epistolery (letter writing).

These sessions are now planned for 2021, if all goes well, and hosted by Soundart Radio and the Workers Educational Association, Devon.

Creative Ethnobotany – walks in glorious footpath and woodland locations in Devon, to identify useful plants for food, simple medicines, and other household uses including dyes. This is a new venture for individuals and very small groups of learners, prioritising teachers and facilitators allied with environmental arts or eco-psychologies. Contact me now, with expressions of interest for next year. I am currently considering a short, online course for this autumn, open to all.

Sacred Drama and Theatre Skills – by popular request – is a movement, theatre and story-making project that is now not likely to run until our lands are restored to robust levels of health. This work offers skills for making personal stories into individual ritual, on themes of personal transformation. There is also expectation for participants to support each other’s work. Secular, spiritual, and political perspectives are welcome.

Other teaching and group work I am sorry to be missing teaching anew at the CoLab, Exeter, who are currently offering a very limited service during the pandemic crisis; and offering aromatherapy sessions to the Resilient Women group.

Looking forward to better days, and making good plans, and where everyone’s ideas come to beautiful fruition. Best wishes to all my students, past and future.