Coaching as Story Mending


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

In these sessions, I listen to and connect with the story of you. In the sanctuary of a therapy room or studio, sometimes it is enough just to speak and to be heard.

Sometimes there’s reason or inspiration to use sensory materials to hand: to explore through creative expression, and without judgement.  Creativity offers different ways of perceiving and understanding situations and events.

We can also meet outdoors, where it is appropriate, and walk for the duration of our session.

Whether meeting in a local park or in a place more off-the-beaten-track, nature is diverse and abundant. The natural world is an ally, translating challenges through metaphors in its detail and expanse.

Answers to searching questions and solutions to dilemmas, are always within: working  with a creative approach enables them to rise to attention, and to play their necessary part in the ongoing,  adventurous, journey of life.



I offer Psychosexual Therapy as a complementary therapy within coaching sessions, where it is requested by the client.

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