Coaching as Storymending

Once upon a time, there you are:

just getting along with life, or perhaps things are going quite well: and then – out of the blue – something trips you up.  Badly.  

A bereavement, perhaps, or a betrayal, or some other loss or rupture.

Isn’t that story all of our stories? All of us? And sometimes we just get up again, keeping calm and carrying on (those amazing bootstraps!) to get back on life’s path.

But once in a while: it seems too much to manage alone, or that nagging voice … I don’t want it to be like this anymore… is persistent.

When change, or lack of it, disorientates both who we are and where we are going: this is a time to ask for guidance, before crisis sets in.

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Coaching is a  way-finder: a process that imparts insight, clarity, and confidence and then to become by that, more resilient: mastering the ability to rise despite adversity, and to thrive, and move on. 

Storymending combines traditional coaching and therapeutic approaches, with creative exploration and expression. It starts out like any talking therapy or coaching session, one to one,  in a comfortable, professional space.

If you feel that it is for you: coaching sessions can also involve carrying out creative tasks  (using pen and paper, items from nature, clay, or other material). These activities enable a deeper and clearer connection to conscious and unconscious and therefore greater understanding through metaphor, for objective reflection and insight.

After sessions, I set appropriate creative quests or challenges to be carried out in your own time. These can vary greatly: gathering something from the outdoor, natural world, perhaps; or keeping a list or journal; or carrying out some other agreed task. These quests are all part of the Storymending process. Through our regular sessions and your effort, this is a way to integrate experiences, to heal, and to move on.

Sometimes the stories that have most challenged us, can be amongst the greatest of our adventures.

Our best times are when we thrive, not just survive.

Some of the things that trip you up and lead you to Coaching as Storymending, might be:

  • a change in relationship status – and ending or a beginning or some lost place along the way
  • menopause – presenting a unique challenge for each woman
  • mid-life – when life’s vibrant offerings and impulses appear to be ebbing
  • the realisation of how our job sucks our vital life-force yet we rely on the income
  • the seemingly uphill journey of starting anew after a change of job or location
  • life seems to be a tangle of different challenges and transitions
  • …or any other situation concerning challenges to identity and belonging.

Each session is a way-finder towards becoming the author of your own vital, sustaining story.

I offer Psychosexual Therapy as a complementary therapy within coaching sessions, where it is requested by the client.

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