Coaching as Story Mending

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

Once upon a time, there you are:

just getting along with life, or perhaps things are going quite well; and then – out of the blue – something trips you up.  Badly.  

A bereavement, perhaps, or a betrayal, or some other loss or rupture. Or perhaps, too much of nothing happens… and that brings another kind of sorrow.

Isn’t this story, all of our stories? All of us, at times? And sometimes we just get up again, keeping calm and carrying on (those amazing bootstraps!) to get back on life’s more sustaining path.

But once in a while: it’s too much to manage alone, or that nagging voice … I don’t want it to be like this anymore… is persistent.

When change, or lack of it, disorientates both who we are and where we are going: this is a time to ask for guidance, before crisis sets in.

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Story Mending offers one-to-one coaching guidance combined with purposeful creativity, to nurture and encourage re-connection with what is deeply meaningful.

This process might involve expression through artwork, such as drawing, collage, or writing; or using items from nature, or any creative activity that the client feels at ease with.

Creativity takes place both within, and outside of regular sessions, at your own pace. This enables deep reflection, connection with innate playfulness and expression, as the past and present are untangled.

Insight and serendipity support resilience, and plans for growth and change.

Story mending is available as a Social Prescription through local prescribers.


Our best times are when we thrive, not just survive.

Each session is a way-finder towards becoming the author of your own vital, sustaining story.

I offer Psychosexual Therapy as a complementary therapy within coaching sessions, where it is requested by the client.

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