My coaching and mentoring practice and Storymending approach came about after many years teaching Creative Writing, Speaking, and Performance Skills as well as working as an editor. I have also taught courses for resilience and behaviour change, for people in recovery from life crises and with mental health issues.

Over time, both the Creative and the Personal Development professions influenced the other.

I then studied Coaching and Mentoring at Postgraduate level, to better identify and understand clients’ needs and to hone my own skills to meet and honour them. I am now currently studying for a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Plymouth.

My work is rooted in informed practice, creativity, and holistic well-being. It is a contribution to promote joy, participation, and meaningful connection towards a more equal, thriving, and compassionate society.

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In addition to work outlined on this website, freelance work sometimes takes me elsewhere: I am an editor, a published poet, and a practitioner of sensory and expressive arts. I find balance in this busy and demanding life through immersion in the natural world, and through adventures in culture and heritage, with my family and friends. 

 I work in a diversity of locations, and with people of all ages, from many backgrounds, cultures, and circumstances. 

My other website, outlining my creative practice, activities and events – including collaborations with others – is here on this link: Mixer of Metaphors 

Lucy Lepchani B.A., Postgrad Cert, Dip. Psychosexual Therapy, Dip. Literature and Creative Writing; and other Therapy, Business, Arts and Humanities qualifications recognised by the UK QCA and/or National Qualifications Framework.  


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