Changing colours

I’ve just read an online article by Victoria Wheeler, about Sustainable Fashion. It’s a good piece, and is part of Campfire Community’s excellent projects, and regular blog. Victoria has kindly referenced my dyeing work, and has linked her article to this website: but you won’t find much about dyeing, on here. The error is probably mine – but my creative work (all manner of it) can be seen if you click here, on this link to my ‘Mixer of Metaphors’ site.

The images in the gallery are currently a little disorganised, owing to my lack of website-making skills – though I hope to have assistance for this task before too long.

In the meantime – I’m writing this in August, when harvest season begins: and easily available plant dyes are within reach. Now is good time for tannin rich oak leaves (green and brown) and nettle (greens and greys) and green walnut (for lovely, rich browns) and many more colours besides. Do check out my instagram for dyeing projects as they are in process, it sometimes takes a while to get update my websites.

Lucy Lepchani on Instagram

Eco-dye detail 

More plant dyed items


Dyed wool


Colours from madder root



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